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5 Tips to Stop Binge Eating During the Holidays


It seems like sweet treats and indulgences are around every corner during the holiday season.

While there's nothing wrong with a well-planned and conscious splurge (the idea being that you're in control rather than allowing the cravings to control you), it's best to stop binge eating before it starts.

Tips to Avoid Binge Eating

Here are five tips to help you stop binge eating before it affects your waistline or puts a damper on your holiday season.

  1. Keep sweets out of sight. According to Dr. Sooji Rugh, obesity expert and founder of GreenLite Medicine, as long as we have food in our line of vision, we're more apt to eat it. So when you're at those holiday parties, position yourself to be far from the appetizers or buffet table. Turn your back to the food and you'll be far less likely to indulge. At home, get those Christmas cookies in the freezer, the cabinet or somewhere you can't see them.
  2. Think small. Portions sizes today are influenced mostly by larger plates, bowls and glasses, said Rugh. If you want to eat less, buy smaller plates and dishes to use for meals. You're likely to eat significantly less just by choosing a smaller dish.
  3. Stablize blood sugar. Opting for a high-protein, low-carb breakfast can keep you from overeating later in the day, Rugh explains. That's because your blood sugar is more stable and you're not battling cravings. Eat normally on a day when you know you're attending a holiday social function with lots of food. The tendency is to skip meals to compensate, but that only tends to backfire.
  4. Plan ahead. Planning your meals ahead of time helps you avoid after-work starvation or a mid-day craving that turns into a binge. Since the holidays present ample opportunity to indulge, mapping out what you're going to eat ahead of time will help you stay in control.
  5. Opt for fiber and water. Fiber and water keep you full, which will help prevent a binge. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of natural fiber, so snack on those at a party to keep yourself away from the dessert table. Sip on water to reduce cravings and keep your belly full.
  6. Source: Greenlite Medicine