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Eating Disorder Recovery Symbol


Although there is no official eating disorder recovery symbol, the logo for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is often used to symbolize recovery from one of these devestating disorders.

The logo for NEDA is a simple design with swooping curves. As an eating disorder recovery symbol it is meant to remind people of the natural variation and diversity in both body size and shape as well as to invoke the feeling of movement, freedom, and the beauty of curves.

The logo for NEDA has been used as an informal eating disorder recovery symbol by many people, including those in active recovery. Many people who are coping with an eating disorder will get a tattoo of the NEDA logo as a reminder of their progress.

The NEDA logo has also been used as an eating disorder recovery symbol in the form of jewelry as well as on various items of clothing. Some items incorporating the NEDA logo as an eating disorder recovery symbol have been specially designed as fundraisers. One form of the eating disorder recovery symbol has been created by Chuck Domitrovich from Down To The Wire Designs. It can be worn as a lovely necklace.

You can see the logo for NEDA at their website: