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About Colon Cleansing Pills


The accumulation of digestive waste makes its way through the colon, or large intestine, until it's expelled from the body.

Some health professionals believe that the colon should be regularly cleansed, so as to remove impacted fecal matter, parasites and toxic elements that can build up over time due to diet, environmental pollutants or poor health habits. To aid in this process, one can use colon cleansing pills.

Colon cleansing ingredients

Ingredients in colon cleansing pills are usually natural and safe, when used appropriately. Common ingredients include psyllium husk, flaxseed, bentonite clay or senna. Ingredients are usually either laxative or fiber-based in nature, which help to sweep debris from the colon and flush them out.

Detox programs

Colon cleansing pills are usually sold as part of a detox program, and often come packaged with liver cleansing pills, fiber powders, or parasite cleansing ingredients which are taken together over a period of of several days or weeks. Not all cleansing programs are created equal, however, as some may use stimulating ingredients, like caffeine, or substances that can be toxic for some people in high amounts.

Using colon cleansing pills

Colon cleansing pills can effectively help the body to eliminate toxic waste — and can be useful in clearing up many common health problems — but they should be used with care. Cleansing should ideally be done under the supervision of a health care professional, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions. In general, pregnant women should not use colon cleansing pills. Colon cleansing pills are most effective when used while adhering to a diet free of animal products, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods.

Potential risks

While colon cleansing agents are usually completely safe, overuse or abuse can cause the body to develop dependency, meaning that you may be unable to produce bowel movements without a cleansing agent. This can be extremely damaging the body and immune system.