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Change one’s Attitude towards Food

"Mike" Michael L. Baird [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re attempting to change your attitude about food and want to make positive changes to your diet, kudos! It’s not easy. When you are trying to incorporate lifestyle changes to your diet, you need a can-do attitude, because it’s the only way it will work.

First of all, you need to visualize yourself as the healthy individual you want to become and make it happen.


Diet is just a word that means watching what you eat and how much you eat. However, most people think of dieting as form of deprivation. Going on a diet can work well for some people, but for most it won’t. People who are addicted to food and compulsively overeat, will need to make some serious changes to their eating habits and not just their diet. Most healthy people don’t have to totally deprive themselves of foods they enjoy.

On the contrary, what many people need to realize is that changing one’s attitude about food is the only true way to make these changes last. Avoiding certain foods because they are unhealthy isn’t a form of deprivation or punishment, it is exercising self-control.

Thinking you can never eat chocolate again is depriving yourself of something you enjoy. However, when you change your attitude about chocolate and realize you can eat it once in a while, you exert self-control and have changed your attitude.


Self-control is a little bit likened to willpower, but it’s more about living by your own set of rules. It’s in your hands to change your attitude and mindset about food. Willpower is the tool you use when you are resisting an unhealthy food choice. Self-control and attitude are how you stick to your guns and make sure you don’t cave and eat something bad for you.

If you know deep down inside that you won’t be happy with just a small scoop of ice cream or a small slice of cake, then you may need to rethink how you look at desserts and change up your food repertoire to include healthier choices.


We are around food every single day and when you have a healthy relationship with it, you think of it as fuel. However, when food is readily available and in endless supply, sometimes a person can eat endlessly without realizing it is not healthy.

Changing your unhealthy attitude about food isn’t going to be easy. It will take time and effort to change. Your approach towards food needs to shift from focusing on dieting and more on the feelings of satiation and the satisfaction that comes from eating a well-rounded, healthy diet.

Start by taking a look at yourself and realizing you can control your cravings and avoid caving into them. The focus about changing your attitude about food isn’t about punishment or deprivation, it’s about developing eating habits that will allow you to live better, become stronger and reap all the rewards from it.