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The Lingerie Line We Wish Victoria's Secret Would Sell

Ask First Panties

Lingerie empire Victoria’s Secret has long been the subject of both praise and ridicule for their flirty bra and panty lines.

The company claims their products are empowering to women, giving them a firm grasp on their own sensuality, but many wonder if their products send the wrong message to young girls.

Most recently, the company came under fire for their “Bright Young Things” line, which featured clothing with suggestive messages like "Dare you," "Call me," or "Feeling lucky."

Many women, including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, took to the Internet, calling out Victoria’s Secret on the overt sexism in the product line, which they said “speaks to the idea that girls have a fantasy of being raped, that women on some level are asking for it.”

Victoria’s Secret responded in defense of the Bright Young Things line, claiming that their products are in no way targeting a younger demographic. But feminist group FORCE: upsetting rape culture isn’t buying it, and they took action to start a conversation about the dangers of these “playful” products.

They created, a satirical website designed to mimic the Victoria’s Secret website. There, visitors find fun, brightly colored panties, just as they might on the VS site, but with truly empowering messages, such as “consent is sexy” and “no means no.” They even provide sobering side by side comparisons with the current products at Victoria’s Secret (a thong bearing the words “Sure Thing” is compared with one that says “ask first”).

Unfortunately, “Pink Loves Consent” apparel won’t be in stores anytime soon, but the site does stir up interesting conversation about just how dangerous these sorts of products can be.