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Eating Disorder Treatment Facilities

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There are a number of different treatment facilities available that focus on different types of eating disorders. If a person is severely malnourished, it may first be necessary for them to receive treatment in a hospital environment. However, once their physical health is stabilized, it is important for the person to connect to a treatment facility where they will be able to receive long-term assistance and treatment for their eating disorder.

Eating disorders occur for different reasons, and are often accompanied by other disorders such as anxiety, depression, and/or obsessive compulsive disorders. It is important to address the underlying cause of the eating disorder in order for the person to fully recover. A good treatment facility will empower their clients to work through their issues, build self-esteem, maintain healthy relationships, and recover from self-destructive behaviors that contribute to the eating disorder.

Inpatient treatment facilities allow a person to focus on their recovery within a controlled environment. Outpatient clinics are also available for individuals who require less intensive treatment. Some eating disorder treatment facilities specialize in anorexia or bulimia, while others may focus on binge eating disorder and/or obesity.

It is important to find the most suitable treatment facility for each individual. Some facilities work especially well with young people, whereas others may provide other specialized treatment options. A health care team is often assigned to work with the client, and to provide support and assistance while the person recovers from their eating disorder. Aftercare is especially critical to long-term recovery, and treatment which involves family and friends can also make a big difference.