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Renfrew Eating Disorder Program


The Refrew Eating Disorder Program is a multifaceted approach to the successful treatment of eating disorders. It's mission is to advance the education, prevention, treatment, and treatment of eating disorders.

Founded in 1985 as the first free-standing facility dedicated to the exclusive treatment of eating disorders, the Renfrew Eating Disorder Program has continued to grow and flourish, treating over 50,000 people.

The Renfrew Eating Disorder Program may include residential treatment, transitional living, extended care, day treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment. The organization prides itself on creating a warm, nuturing enviroment.

The Refrew Eating Disorder Program is available at 10 locations and accepts most major insurance plans. In addition, the Renfrew Eating Disorder Prorgram is accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation. This means that the program is inspected regularly and has passed a rigorous set of operational standards.

Patients in one of the Renfrew Eating Disorder Program residential treatment centers were featured in the Home Box Office documentary, "Thin."

You can visit the Renfrew Eating Disorder Treatment Program website at