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A Mind and Body Disorder

Just like other diseases, Anorexia Nervosa has a set of diagnostic criteria to guide doctors. The disorder is usually diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist. This already tells us that Anorexia has a lot to do with one’s mind and behavior and as it does with her body. The criteria include the unwillingness of a person to maintain the minimum normal weight for one’s age and height, an unhealthy worry of putting on weight or becoming fat, induced weight loss, and an abnormal functioning of the endocrine system as manifested in the absence of a number of menstrual cycles or delayed puberty.

When you look at this criteria, you will easily conclude that Anorexia Nervosa is indeed a combination of a body disorder and a mind disorder. It starts with an unhealthy perception of oneself. Then, it is made worse by the starvation one puts herself through, resulting not only in an unhealthy perception but also in a terrible state of health.