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After the initial doctor’s visit, now what?

What do you do once you've taken your child to the doctor?

If the results of this examination suggest that the your child’s symptoms are more severe or have had more serious physical effects than you suspected, your next step is to set up a schedule of regular assessments with a physician who specializes in eating disorders.

If your pediatrician doesn’t have the necessary expertise, he or she should be able to provide a referral to a doctor who has experience working with eating-disordered teenagers. This, I should warn you, may be easier said than done.

Scheduling such an evaluation may be somewhat complicated due to insurance processes and limited availability of experts in eating disorders. Not sure where to turn? Keep asking. It took me multiple phone calls and multiple requests for help before we eventually ended up at the right door. It may not be the best choice forever, but it is the best choice for right now.

Remember you don’t have to solve all of the problems today. Tiny bits of progress are still progress. These obstacles can usually be overcome with persistence and a referral from a pediatrician specifying the need for the consultation.