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Anorexia linked to osteoporosis

If there is one disorder that is commonly attributed to teenage girls, then it must be anorexia nervosa. It would have been better if this illness is just a passing phase happening to some teenage girls, but the fact is that it is not a normal one. While a number of teenagers suffering from anorexia recover through proper treatment and guidance, there are still a substantial few whose disease plagues them until adulthood.

And even if a girl has managed to control her illness, this does not let her escape the complications brought about by anorexia in the long run. Studies show that anorexics are more prone to develop osteoporosis, largely due to the calcium and nutrient deficit that goes with having anorexia.

You think that osteoporosis only happens to elder women? Well, anorexics can get the disease as early as their teenage years. What’s worse is that osteoporosis makes one’s bones brittle, and coupled with the fact that anorexics tend to over exercise, they are in for some serious bone injuries.

Aside from a psychologist and nutritionist, an anorexic should also visit the orthopedist to check her if she wants to completely recover from her illness.