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Anorexia Nervosa – A Disorder That Has Got to be Treated.

Weight problems do not have a standard view anymore. There is no longer such thing as collective opinion when it comes to being fat or thin depending on the fact that “it shows!” You see, it has become more complicated than that…

People who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa made all the difference, those sufferers are always devastated by how fat they look even when they are under weight. They are always over sensitive about being perceived as fat. So, generally, Anorexics have low self-esteem.

Like all the other eating disorders, Anorexia is a result of multiple ruinous emotions like anger, sadness or/and failure gathered and built up in one’s feelings. You always see Anorexics have a great desire to control their lives through running away from their negative feelings, and instead, being obsessive about the food they intake and how many calories it has. Ordinarily, those people feel ashamed and guilty right after they eat, and I think this gives them a bigger reason not to eat next time.

We all saw or heard about people having this kind of eating disorder whether personally or on TV, and I figure it is increasing in the recent years due to many reasons including the orientation of judging by the outer appearance.