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Anorexia Nervosa – Lack of Appetite?

Anorexia comes from the Greek work which means “lack of appetite”. This loss of appetite can be deeply rooted in the mind of a person who has an obsessive fear of gaining weight and has a distorted image of her body.

The fear of getting fat leads to a vicious cycle of starvation and purging, excessive exercise or taking diet supplements to lose more weight. Persons suffering from anorexia nervosa are physically and psychologically sick.

Anorexics yearn to create a picture-perfect image of them. This yearning will drive the person to have low self-esteem, and loss of control. This loss of control will lead to an anorexic’s will to extremely restrict food intake as a way to feel that she is able to take control of her body.

When the symptoms and behavior are recognized early, there is a bigger chance that people with anorexia nervosa to have better results after treatment. But if left alone, it will progress to more deadly circumstances which are life-threatening such as heart problems, organ damage and damage to the bone.