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Are you pro-anorexia?

Anorexia has always been viewed as a fatal psychological disease. But that outlook on anorexia is gradually changing, thanks to the many websites which are “pro-anorexia.” These websites give us an alternative view of the disease, saying that anorexia is not an illness but rather a lifestyle choice.

Is anorexia really a form of lifestyle, or are these websites misleading the teenage public? Researches show that a pro-anorexia site encourages teens to develop anorexia, regardless of the deadly consequences that this illness can have. These sites even have tips on how to purge and binge, which further promote eating disorders.

It is therefore necessary to stop this “slow mass suicide” that is being promoted by pro-anorexia sites, and the only way to do this is to ban these websites from the web. An illness that can potentially take away the life of a person is definitely not something that should be encouraged in the public.