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Can you still smile when you see yourself in the mirror?

Poor self image can bring more harm to the person than poor hygiene. This is want one study has concluded after looking into the lives of people who have eating disorders or who are involved in any form of addiction. These people would often stare at mirrors to check about their figures.

Those who have suffered anorexia nervosa have the same poor self image as those who are suffering in Binge Eating. These people have so much guilt in them when the eat food. With so much guilt, one refuses to eat while the other refuses to stop. This is a cycle for these individuals who have eating disorder.

Medical and Psychological assistance should be given to those who are suffering with eating disorder. A more holistic approach is needed that a patch by patch therapy. There is no way that forcing medicine into these people could help because the sickness is not only of the physical health but mentally as well.