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Cycle of Confusion

A major problem in a person realizing they have an eating disorder is that they do not fully understand how to tell the symptoms apart. One of the tell-tell signs of Anorexia is the loss of about three menstrual cycles. The confusion comes from the fact that those who are young or just starting to have their menstual cycle may think that they are actually pregnant (if they are sexually active). So they may take a pregnancy test, it may come out as negative, and chances are they are going to think nothing of it after that. For those who have had their menstrual cycle a while, they will have learned that it can flipflop all over the place so they will think that it is something normal and they should not worry about it. Those who are getting close to their senior years (and yes they can develop anorexia as well) may think that it is nothing more than menopause setting in. Whatever your case may be, you should take it seriously.