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No Bones About It

A lot of people are not actually aware that there are a number of symptoms, aside from massive amounts of weight loss, that can happen to your body. Because of the rapid deterioration within the body, from lack of nutrients, you may exert yourself more easily which will cause your heart to race faster and could also lead to irregular heartbeats. Consumption of food is such a necessary thing in life, so what do you think would happen if a person does not consume the proper amount of foods or choose the right foods?

Well, when anorexia is involved, you will learn that not the right amounts of vitamins and minerals are being consumed. The main one being calcium; a person with anorexia can easily develop osteoporosis. Having this early on will lead to abnormal growth, mostly of the bones. Being aware of this and helping someone with this problem can make a huge difference in the outcome of their life.