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Partridge Star Susan Dey and her Anorexia battle

I’ve been reading a story about 1970s tv star Susan Dey’s battle with anorexia. In fact, I am amazed when any woman who has been even moderately successful in Hollywood manages to avoid an eating disorder. For you slightly younger folks, Dey was also in LA Law in the '90s. At one point, she was so underweight and malnourished she stopped having menstrual periods and her fingers turned orange from eating almost nothing but carrots.
“I’m not in the clear yet – I’m still trying to overcome my anorexia,” Susan admitted in an interview. “It’s something that has been plaguing my life.”

She credits her husband with being very supportive. In an interview with The Enquirer, she says, "It also helps when you have lots of support at home - which I do," Susan said. "My husband has been terrific! With him backing me all the way, I'm never alone."


The National Enquirer is one

The National Enquirer is one of my guilty pleasures. I can't believe I missed that story.