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Symptoms You Should Know About

There are quite a number of symptoms and affects that anorexia has on the human body, but there may also be some affects that you have never heard of. Medically speaking, there is a tremendous amount of mineral loss.

I am sure you can guess that the mineral loss is due to the poor diet, or lack there of. Those who have anorexia may be eating things right in front of you, but behind closed doors, all the food (containing the nutrients and minerals) are purged from the body by way of purging, laxatives, or holding the food in the mouth and spitting it out when know one is looking.

The amount of weight loss associated with anorexia is in tune with the next affect. Having a low body temperature is clearly from the lack of meat, or fat within the body. Someone with anorexia does not have nearly enough fat in the body to keep itself insulated and warm.