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The Impact that Society Leaves

In today’s years, people give a great importance to the person’s size. They view others through their weight, and judge them accordingly. That is why people tend to think that in order to fit in, they must be thin.

Models in magazines and television (who they probably do not look the same in reality) give that image to people, therefore create an ideal standard that people get attached to, thus crave to have it.

You often see women at an early age starving themselves to death and going on hopeless diets that most of the times fail to give them the desired results. And this is where eating disorders arise.

What I would like to say is that judging a person by his size is not right and does not make a healthy society. If you are someone that being thin is his first priority, then you need to change. You need to accept yourself as you are and appreciate yourself for what you have inside. Stop buying those diet books and magazines, diets just don’t work. Stop striving to meet the society’s unattainable standards; you won’t gain anything except more of those negative feelings. What you need to do in order to gain people’s acceptance is to accept yourself first.