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Too Many Worries

Along with having the eating disorder anorexia, the constant struggle some face to keep it a secret, also causes them a great deal of stress and anxiety.

In fact, it is not that uncommon for people with anorexia to have anxiety or panic attacks. This amount of stress does more than just drain you, it makes you body waste away. You will literally feel very fatigued all the time because of the fact there are no nutrients or vitamins in the body to help keep you active. There is another symptom that will probably arise as well. Brittle and dry skin is a sign of insufficient minerals in the body.

If there are no minerals in the body, then no minerals can be released into the skin. No amount of lotion will help this problem either. The lotion may have minerals in it, but because of the lack of minerals in the body, there are not enough to sustain any in the skin.