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BED not worth sleeping

BED is short for Binge Eating Disorder. It was only recognized in 1992 as a distinct eating disorder. This is because it is very similar to bulimia nervosa. The difference is that the person suffering BED does not induce vomiting.

Obesity is the result of Binge Eating Disorder. Most people who have BED are most likely to have issues with blood pressure, lack of physical fitness and heart ailments.

There are things to watch in your friends or yourself when in comes to BED. They are most likely to eat fast than usual and more than needed. In most cases, they eat even when they are not hungry.

People who have bed are very mindful when eating in front of others but they would indulge when left on their own. The also feel guilty and depressed after indulging. This eventually leads them to munch more. In most cases, we can only see a loop between depression and overeating.