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Binge Eating Increases Risk for Heart Disease

It will take more than willpower, positive thinking, and having the right diet to battle a binge eating. It is one form of eating disorder which is very complex and has been traced to several complex causes.

Although binge eating is concerned with the overconsumption of food, the food that is usually eaten is high in fat and sugar while the other essential nutrients are lacking or absent. This style of eating will eventually lead to higher risks of health difficulties.

As feelings of guilt, anger, and sadness increase, so will depression which can ultimately lead to more bingeing.

Persons who have binge eating disorders are commonly overweight or obese. Not being within the normal weight range will contribute to the onset of diabetes, heart disease, gall bladder disease, bone and joint problems, as well as various forms of cancer.

Since binge eating is rooted in a variety of physical, psychological and physiological issues, one who undergoes treatment for it needs to be subjected to a plethora of treatment methods targeting the body, soul and spirit. It is only a healing of the physical body but also of the heart including the emotions, the thoughts, the will and the mind.


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