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Binge Eating Is A Disorder That Needs Help

As much as some people try to lose weight it should be known that not everyone can control themselves when it comes to eating. An eating disorder that makes a person eat uncontrollably prevails and it is called BED or Binge Eating Disorder.

Binge Eating Disorder is a sign of psychological problems. People suffering from binge eating lose control in consuming large amount of food for certain times. They use food as an escape goat whenever they feel lonely, bored and when they are depressed, but after that eating episode their feeling once again spirals downward by feeling guilty over what they have done and feels terribly negative with food and with their weight that leads them to deeper depression. People who have binge eating disorder are usually obese, overweight or of normal weight. They may lose weight but eventually regains that weight quickly. It is a worldwide problem and in the United States alone it is estimated that about 4 million people have this disorder. This disorder needs treatment and health professionals are there to help people who suffer from this recover.