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How Do You Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating. The secret little shame that so many women live with everyday. The thing about binge eating is it feels really good while you are doing it, but horrible afterwards. But somehow despite your promises and attempts you do it again.

So how do you stop? I have FIVE tips to share with you:

1. Use the term HALTS

Ask yourself which one of these things you are experiencing. The best way to escape binge eating is to NOT start by identifying your emotion properly.

2. How hungry are you? Use a scale of 1 to 5. 1 is starving and 5 is full. This will help you when you start eating to know when to stop. I try to stay between a 3 and 4 at all times (so snacks are important)!

3. So you are in the middle of the binge? Okay run to your bedroom and lock the door. I lay under my blankets and try to get music on as quickly as possible. Just escaping the situation physically snaps your "brain" out of the zone where you just keep eating.

4. My other sure fire tip- PHONE a friend. And start asking about them. I love this because it is both generous and helps TWO people. You and the friend you are calling. Help a friend and your problems will fade away quickly.

5. Give yourself permission to eat whatever you want. Banish your list of "no no" foods. THis is the easiest way to avoid overeating. If a food is fine all the time, then bingeing on it loses its allure.

Okay good luck. And visit my site for more helpful info!

Finally Free,

Bridget Loves