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Independence and Eating Disorders!

Happy Birthday America! Since 1776 we have become our own entity: free from the apron strings of Great Britain. This certainly describes how I like to live my life, independent and free of the grips from binge eating disorder. Like our country, I have learned to take care of my own needs. Some may call me rigid. I say recovery not rigidity. I have learned through years of binging and excessive dieting (purging) that this is NOT freedom. It is prison. I used to say I was going to write a book titled: Prisoner No More! We don’t have to live the bondage of this disease. There are answers, hope, and recovery. I found living free of sugar, flour, and wheat, building a spiritual foundation, and incorporating moderate daily exercise into my life helped me drop 100 pounds and maintain this loss for many years. I see patients that remind me of times when I thought I would never break free of my eating disorder. I would imagine back in 1776 there were many that felt they too would never break free from the bondage to Great Britain. Happy 4th to all! Grab on to your independence and freedom from the disease.

Dr. Lisa Ortigara:


Great analogy in this post!

Great analogy in this post! I hope everyone had a great fourth of July, complete with fireworks and food. I think what you point to in this text is, simply, a healthy life-style with a balanced diet and exercise. Of course, it's easier said than done. Motivation is key to healthy living. It could be something symbolic like the "independence day," or a loved one, or a combination of things, but, whatever it is, you must be motivated to live healthy. Support is also a keystone to success and beating eating disorders. I work for user-generated website for health care videos--and we are here to provide accessibility and support through health care videos. Anyone can sign up and upload videos. It's a great way to connect to people going through the same problems you are on a focused level. Happy Fourth!