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It Was Love At First Bite

It was that first bite that sent me spiraling into a world of confusion, anger, and pure hatred. That first bite of food was all it took. The craving’s name was pizza and it was love at first bite. I was hooked and nothing could tear me from the pleasures of the taste. The aroma was incredible and I had to have more. Sure I could sit there and think that it would never affect me, but it did. Ordering pizza after pizza after pizza just isn’t a way of life. I mean it’s not you’re going to blow up or something, but let me tell you…it will definitely go straight to your thighs. I realized very soon that stacks of eight to ten boxes of pizzas at one time was not normal and in no way healthy. I knew something had to be done and it had to be done fast. I knew it would be tough, but sometimes that’s just the way things have to be.