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Bulimia Nervosa – An Eating Disorder That Can Be Overcome

Anyone can suffer from bulimia nervosa. Men, women, those with normal weight, underweight or even overweight, rich or poor, young or old, people of any race can be afflicted with this eating disorder and no one is exempted.

People who are suffering from bulimia are unsatisfied with their body shape. As a result of this dissatisfaction they lose their confidence, self-esteem and they live in fear of being fat. They go through depression and anxiety that is why bulimia is also noted as a psychological disorder.

Bulimics as they are called usually goes through an episode of eating uncontrollably large amounts of food and afterwards doing immediate inappropriate behaviours to lose those calories that they consume by self-induced vomiting, fasting, using laxatives and excessive exercising.

Studies have shown that 10% of people suffering from bulimia eventually die because of starvation and complications. Don't wait for things to get worst before you act. Bulimia nervosa can be treated with consistent therapy. If you know someone who is suffering from this disorder give them support and seek help for them.