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Bulimia – never a good way to lose weight

Many people have been affected by weight issues especially in the United States. Chances are you know someone personally who is obese. This situation has led some people who struggle with their weight to become bulimic. Bulimia nervosa is a condition characterized by binge eating followed by forcing the food out of one’s body.

Those who suffer from bulima nervosa know that what they are doing is wrong and unsafe. This is why their induced vomiting or excessive use of laxative or water pills is usually a secret they keep from family and friends. All of these methods pose great danger to the bulimic. Vomiting, for instance, disrupts body systems and body chemistry. It hurts the esophagus, causes gastrointestinal and oral problems. It is a dangerous way of losing weight and does not help one’s self-image because this particular way of slimming down is hurting and cheating oneself.