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Bulimic adolescents to be studied

It is good to know that higher learning institutions are taking the initiative to study about bulimia in adolescents to try to prevent it. There has been a shortage of studies on the condition up until now, something surprising to know especially because the desire to become thin has led to more cases of bulimia. One to two out of one hundred adolescents suffer from bulimia. Many more may add to that number once more adolescents begin to feel that they do not measure up to society’s idea of thin and attractive.

The research is given a large funding because of its importance. This will focus on over a hundred boys and girls and will, of course, involve the participation of their family. These bulimic adolescents will undergo cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoterapy to solve the image problems, and family therapy to promote healthy food intake. It’s a good start to solving the problem of bulimia.