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Fluid Retention in Bulimia

One of the less favorable side effects of letting go of bulimia is that water retention can sometimes occur.

In an article in Eating Disorders Today,
An Interview with C. Wayne Callaway, MD
(Winter 2002 Volume 1, Number 2
©2002 Gürze Books), Dr. Wayne Callaway talks about fluid rentention and recovery from eating disorders.

"When fluid retention is a problem during the recovery phase, it doesn't hurt for a patient to get 35% or even more of their calories as fat. Most anorexic patients don't want to eat fat, but if they try to bring their metabolic rate up with carbohydrates, the carbohydrates will cause increased insulin secretion, which will only exaggerate the edema.

Try to limit simple sugars; they are high in carbohydrates, which can be every easily absorbed and require a surge in insulin, which makes fluid retention worse. One type of complex carbohydrates, those that contain beta-glucan insoluble fiber, slows the absorption of sugar.

Other tips:
Cut down on the salt and drink lots of water, so that the excess water can be flushed out.