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Heard Round The World

I guess she thought it was a secret and that no one would ever find out. But aside from hearing the whole thing, it was a complete shock. Have you ever heard those people in the bathrooms that you think are just throwing up because they feel a little sick; or how about those teens you saw in a restaurant just rearranging food on their plate? Some of you may not have thought anything of it, but think again. Maybe those people in the bathroom were getting rid of unwanted food that they think could cause them to gain weight. And the rearranging of the food on the plate is not different. Those teens could have been rearranging the food to make it look like the food was actually being eaten when it wasn’t. Just take a look around you and the certain mannerisms of people. You might be shocked at what you see. The life of eating disorders is sometimes secretive and sometimes it’s right under your nose.