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Hope springs from sadness

(Warning: the mentioned video clips may be a trigger, but not the ones I linked to)

Experimental band Xiu Xiu turns difficult times into strong music. In the seventh studio album by American indie rock band Xiu Xiu released last month, the band takes on some tough topics – like depression and bulimia.

The title is perhaps only fully appreciated by people recovering from an eating disorder: “Dear God, I Hate Myself,”

The girl in the band grew up with a lot of people who had bulimia, and in her blog she mentions that she sees bulimia (even though she doesn't have it herself) to be one of the most horrific forms of self destruction.

"chocolate makes you happy, and it keeps you awake, as you unbutton your top pants button, bewildered by the pain..."

Says one teen, "A lot of people hate this new album by xiu xiu; but for me it's their best because a lot of it is bulimia related. I also love the track 'dear god i hate myself"

The girl from the band has recorded a video of herself purging which was on their blog; this video has cause loads of controversy. Like; she's not bulimic, but she wanted to kind of understand what is was like. It's really quite hard to watch.

Here’s one review: Look past the twittering electronic blips and beeps on Xiu Xiu’s latest record and you find some pretty heavy, caked-on, manic-depressive drama (not to mention just plain batshit-crazy weirdness). Pacific Northwest Inlander