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How to help a loved one suffering from bulimia?

If you know someone who is suffering from bulimia and are wondering how you can help them, read on; the following tips may be useful for you-

-Don’t be judgmental, listen to them with an open mind; people suffering from eating disorders are generally under tremendous emotional stress and sometimes being a good listener is the best gift you can give them!

-Tell your loved one why you are worried, be gentle and firm. Don’t sound like you are ridiculing or lecturing them.

-Encourage them to seek medical help. You can give them with a list of medical experts they can consult, collect information about their disorder and present it to them or fix and appointment for them with a counselor yourself and accompany them for their first session.

Finally, the most important thing to remember while helping a loved one suffering from bulimia is that you must approach them as gently as you can, blaming them, getting angry with them or refusing to understand their point of view may simply backfire.