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Redeemed from an ED?

While I am not endorsing any particular flavor of faith, I do recognize that for many, spirituality plays an important part in healing from eating disorders. As I come across them, I will share resources that address eating disorders and body image issues from a faith perspective. Help me out – please share other resources that you find meaningful.
Redeemed from the pit of bulimia
A personal blog from a woman who is recovered from her eating disorder and studying pastoral counseling. Very Christian in perspective and deeply rooted in Biblical resources.

Christian-Based Eating Disorders Treatment
An online 12 week study program that focuses on healing ED from a Christian perspective.
Selah House Treatment Center
Selah House is a licensed, private mental health institution that offers a professional eating disorder treatment program for women suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and eating disorder Selah is Christian-based, but women from all faiths have completed our program and felt accepted. Clients vary in how much they want to focus on faith in their treatment, and we respect each person's decision.

Goodbye, Ana
A personal blog by an evangelical Christian and survivor of anorexia.