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Secrets Within The House

For some, Bulimia is something that is like the unspoken word. Not to be confused with “overeating”, bulimia is more than just eating your self to death. It is more of a complex theory. There are extreme lengths that bulimics with go to to hide their problem. Some will hide food behind their beds, under their beds, in drawers, in the closet and their own personal safe. Some will even go as far as taping small portions of foods to the underside of their furniture. And if they are not hiding their food, they are hiding the fact that they are purging. Turning on the faucet while in the bathroom is one way that many people hide their purging, or maybe even blasting their tv in the bedroom while they purge in a trash bag. There are a number of ways bulimics try to hide what they are doing, but in the end, they are usually found out.