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Trapped by Bulimia

Persons suffering from Bulimia Nervosa overindulge in food and try to get rid of the food that was eaten by using laxatives, vomiting or over-exercising. They are trapped in a web of addiction to food, secret shame and self-disgust.

Like anorexics, they are always worried about putting on weight and getting fat.
The person may eat a lot of food at one time and then try to get rid of the food by vomiting, using laxatives, fasting or sometimes over-exercising to compensate for the overeating. The person is preoccupied with thoughts of getting thin and losing weight.

Depression and other psychiatric disorders are linked to Bulimia. It may occur concurrently with anorexia nervosa. This tandem can lead to serious life-threatening nutritional deficiencies and illnesses.

Bulimics are great actors. They are often able to hide their conditions from other people. They can maintain their normal weights and behave like any other normal healthy person.