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A & F Shames Girls with No Cleavage, Wins Major PR

In case you missed the brou-ha-ha last week, there was significant public backlash against Abercrombie and Fitch last week in response to their new push-up bra bikini top. Apparently the little girl set should be embarrassed that they are developing normally and do not yet have any cleavage to show to the boy next door.

As bloggers across the world screamed foul, A & F quickly reframed its tween bikini top in a less-sexy manner.

This is SOOOO predictable, given that this exact same thing went down one year ago almost to the week, in the UK with Primark. Here's a post about it:

The frustrating part is that Abercrombie garnered a LOT of free publicity. If you don't like the concept, they "responded" to you by changing the description. If you think they are actually sort of cute suits, you now know that you can get them on the AF website for less than $14. Argh.