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A Future for Tomorrow: Haley Freeman Shares Her Story

Haley Hatch Freeman was raised in a small Utah town on a cattle ranch. She led a generally happy childhood until life took a dramatic turn in her early teenage years. Her struggle with anorexia started and carried on for nearly a year.

Her newly released non-fiction book, A Future for Tomorrow, depicts her fierce war against anorexia as well as other spiritual triumphs.

She is a writer and speaker and if you are a person of faith, particularly from a Mormon perspective (LDS), then this might be a resource you would find helpful. Keep in mind, there are a unique set of religious beliefs here, so this may not be the best book for everyone, but for someone, it may well be the best resource for them.

A description of her brook from the website:

You will be brought into the anorexic mind, shown the fierce war against depression and self-depreciative thoughts and actions; and witness the gravity of the destruction this disease can do.
A deeply edifying experience will occur as you journey with the author to that eternal world. There, angels confirm to her gospel truths such as the intensity of Christ’s love, and the sacred and holy nature of our Father’s plan for his children here on Earth.


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