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A generation of kites and barrels

Thirty years ago we may have laugh at the site of women who wear rings on there neck to stretch it. Today, we can see longer necks in more women than those who have placed rings on them. The culture that is being adapted is Hollywood culture. It is a culture that creates gods and goddesses in people who are almost kite-like; bone and skin. To my mind, this is not American Culture. This is not even a culture of health conscious generation. It is a culture of death. Death here will most likely be caused by eating disorders. More and more women in our age have suffering one of these eating disorders. This kind of sickness is not communicable like the regular cold and cough. This sickness is propagated by the mass media – mass education with over emphasis of the bone and skin structure. Of course, people reacted differently with the overstress. Some would starve themselves while others would eat more to cope with the stress. As a final point, we have become a generation of kites and barrels all brought about by eating disorder.