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A History of Abuse can Result in Eating Disorder

A History of Abuse can lead to eating disorder and/or addiction. Looking into the lives of those who are addict and who suffers eating disorders will give us the common risk factor: a history of abuse. It could be physical and sexual abuse during childhood that can lead to any of the two.

It should be understood that both addiction and eating disorder are forms of escapism. Since the pain is way too much for these people, they tend to find for a way out. Eating can be as relieving for them as addiction. In some cases of rape, the victim may end up as sex addict. Strikingly, there are rape victims who end up with eating disorder as well.

The approach to resolve the issue must address both cases. It should be noted that those who are with eating disorder may relapse into other forms of addiction when they are confronted with the same factors. It will not help if treatments are done one at a time. The person may just slide to the other when treated on one then goes back to the original problem once treated on the next.