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A Long and Winding Road to Eating Disorder Freedom

Eating disorders are hard to treat and beat. It’s ironic to think about the fact that there are people who refuse to eat, while others don’t even have anything to eat.

Deciding to quit and embark on a journey to recovery is easier said than done, but then again, so is living a nightmare with an eating disorder. Deciding on either what to journey to take would deny a person instant relief and gratification from the turmoil brought about the condition.

If one decides on the first choice, they he should be ready to continue feeling badly, if not worse, because for a while, urges are still trying to rage in his system. But one has to fight by facing head on the underlying issues which has enslaved him for too long and wreaked havoc in his life. Eventually, the light would get brighter at the end of the tunnel. One would ultimately feel better and be free and have his life back. At the end of the day, it doesn’t how long and how difficult the journey to recovery is, having you life back is worth it.