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A Not So Silent Secret

It was something that no one really expected. My cousin just seemed a lot sicker than she usually was. We all knew she had been dieting, but we had no idea it had taken this much of a toll on her. She would eat small amount of food when we were around, but I would catcher her eating a whole lot more behind closed doors. She even confessed to me that she was taking dieting pills and laxatives to help her. I know that this sounds like the way to go and maybe some of you even think that laxatives and dieting pills are perfect for you, but believe me, it’s not the life you want to live. Those same pills you think will help you, can cause a severe amount of damage to your body and especially your colon. If you’ve already been using these methods, you may want to get checked out by your doctor, just to be sure you have no complications.