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Actress Britney Murphy Dies: Was Eating Disorder to Blame?

The ‘net is abuzz with rumors this morning about actress Britney Murphy’s death at 32 over the weekend. Initial reports are indicating a heart attack, which is obviously unusual in someone her age, who appeared to be relatively healthy.

Some folks are wondering if an eating disorder could be to blame, remembering Anna Reston, another young model, who died of heart failure during a fashion show several years ago. A few are even holding up Karen Carpenter, who died at 32 from cardiac failure due to her eating disorder.

Even three years ago, Murphy released an announcement to stop swirling rumors that she had an eating disorder. Numerous photos taken during her career make it easy to understand why such rumors existed. A sudden heart attack at such a young age may also be attributed to drug use, however, and similar rumors also followed Murphy.

Sometimes, those of us who have lived with eating disorders for years forget that people do die. In fact, approximately 20% of those suffering from anorexia prematurely die from complications related to their eating disorder such as suicide, kidney failure, cardiac arrest, dehydration and heart problems.