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Addicted to weight loss?

Almost everyone, one way or the other, is somehow addicted to losing weight. I mean, who does not want to achieve a sexy and trim figure that others would die for? So in order to achieve a slim body, some people try every known way in order to lose weight. Taking diet pills, enrolling in gyms, buying instructional fitness videos, drinking slimming teas – name it, and they’ve done it. Talk about weight loss addiction. In medical terms, the condition in which a person is so obsessed with weight loss that it already poses serious health risks is anorexia nervosa. This can lead to death if not treated immediately. So if you think you are addicted to losing weight but have not yet reached the point of being an anorexic, then maybe you need to step back and slow down a little bit. You might be overdoing it. Just watch your weight through proper diet and exercise, and you will be well on your way to losing weight the right way.