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Addiction or Not?

The discussion (sorta) we’ve had in the last few days has me pondering the nature of addictions and eating disorders. Not where do they come from, but what choices do we make that allow us to continue making unhealthy and destructive choices.
Not everyone in agreement about whether an eating disorder is an addiction. It depends on who you ask. Certainly there are hundreds of people who have used Twelve Step groups to aid in their recovery. (I’m one of them.)
When we label our behaviors as addictions, are we seeking a free pass? Or even if we don’t exactly want a wink and a nod, do we think because it’s an addiction, that we shouldn’t be held accountable for our behaviors? I know that sounds harsh, but there is a deep divide in the eating disorder community – such that it is – as to whether addiction treatment is helpful a helpful model for eating disorders. After all, many of the treatments are similar – think rehab, IOP, cognitive behavioral therapy, antidepressants/antianxiety meds and 12 step programs.
There is a fascinating article here on the link between eating disorders and addictions: