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Another 'Funny' Ralph Lauren Story??

As you know by now, The Ralph Lauren boycott has been turned over to NOW (National Organization of Women) and The Women's Therapy Centre Institute. Both organizations are located in NY and they're more than capable of furthering the boycott.

That being said, I can't resist sharing this story with you. Three weeks ago, I was on CNN News discussing the Ralph Lauren boycott.

Two days after the CNN interview, the very popular website wrote a story about the New York demonstration sponsored by NOW.

In the story they quoted a photographer that shoots for Ralph Lauren. The photographer stated "Recently I shot a model for Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren told me to photoshop her arms to look like an anorexic model."

Sound familiar? The devastating part was the model in question was an 8 year old girl. Ralph Lauren had a photographer photoshop an 8 year old girl's arms to look like an anorexic model.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. There was a link in the story to see the before and after picture of the 8 year old girl. I clicked the link and Lo and Behold. Ralph! Ralph! Ralph!

In all fairness, the photo shoot was done before the boycott started. I doubt it very seriously if he'd do something like that now.

The next day, I went back to copy the pictures from the photographers website and they were gone. In a scant 12 hours after the Jezebel article hit the pictures were snatched down.

Another victory for the 8,700 women on our Facebook watch group. Ralph Lauren has acknowledged that our boycott is a very major concern for them.

Strike a victory for the average men and women of America.

-Darryl Roberts, Director