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Banish Stress With your iPhone

Just a few more IPhone apps, I promise. But these are truly nifty. One of the things we understand is that disordered eating, whatever the type is often triggered by stressful events. Why not download a few apps designed to relieve stress?
Stress Relief: Smash Edition
Ever wanted to shatter a stack of plates or pulverize a tomato? This app features A SAMPLING of the over three dozen items which you can smash to your heart’s content in the full version. And they’re not just rendered images, but actual photographs of items being broken. Choose an item and tap the screen to destroy it. Not only will you be rewarded with images of destruction, but you’ll hear the actual sounds of the item's obliteration. Tap up to three times for progressively more and more damage. Shake your phone to restore the object to its pristine state. Oh if life were so easy... (free)
Body Massage
Take the day's stress away with a simple touch and vibration 30 second massage from your iPhone. Feel the tingly feeling after massaging your body by touching the soothing vibrate to your ache and muscles. 30 Second body massage uses the iPhone vibrate feature for your personal pleasure of receiving a massage when no one else is there to give you a back rub or even a masseuse to give you the healing touch. (free)

Singing Bowls
Use Singing Bowls for meditation, stress relief, or just for fun. Each bowl plays a different harmonic tone when struck and another distinct tone when rubbed. Play after a yoga session to hear the distinctive om vibrations and enjoy the awesome healing properties of these ancient bowls. Experience the spiritual zen sounds and beautiful bell tones of these cool traditional Buddhist Tibetan instruments. Meditate or just relax as you create your own soothing music. (.99)