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Being Different…Being Unique

Quite a number of people think that they must live up to the society’s standards of what is considered right. Often times, when “body image” is involved, it can lead to some very startling outcomes. We all have to face the facts at some point in time, that we will experience, ourselves, or come across someone who suffers from an eating disorder. In the world today, it is expected that everyone will want you to look thin. Thin is said to be the best thing, but this is not true. This is only how society feels everyone should look. It does not mean that this is how you should have to look just to fit in. For some, being thin is just not possible. You should love who you are enjoy being as unique as possible. This is what makes you special. It is better to be different and stand out (in a good way) than to be like everyone else and never get noticed.