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Bishop Links Homosexuality and Anorexia

I admit it, I’m a little confused. To be fair, whenever religious leader make pronouncements about health issues, I am often left shaking my head. Today is no exception, I’m afraid.
"Homosexuality is not the same as normal sex in the same way that anorexia is not a normal appetite," says the new Archbishop of Belgium.

Archbishop Léonard's comments were made in an interview with a Belgian television station. He added that he would " never call anorexia patients abnormal."

A few years ago, when he was serving as Bishop of Namen, he caused a storm of controversy when he said that homosexuality was abnormal. Last week Pope Benedict XVI named him as the successor to Archbishop Daniels. Archbishop Léonard is also a well-known critic of abortion and stem cell research.

What does that even mean? More importantly, what was the point of that pronouncement?

Linking an eating disorder, or mental illness with homosexuality is certainly making a point of sorts about his opinion on homosexuality.

Fortunately, in case you were wondering, there is an Eating Disorders Unit of the University Center St. Joseph in Kortenberg, Belgium. And I’m pretty sure they won’t check to see if you’re homosexual.