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Body dysmorphic disorder in anorexics and bulimics

Isn’t it depressing when you notice that something is not right with your appearance? Well, just imagine how those people with body dysmorphic disorder must have felt. They have this sort of preoccupation with a defect in their appearance, even if it is just an insignificant imperfection. Worse, some of them are just imagining that they have a defect when in fact, they don’t.

The body dysmorphic disorder usually accompanies anorexia, since an anorexic perceives oneself to be fat even is she’s just skin and bones. Hence, people affected by this disorder often have low self-esteem and a gnawing fear of rejection because they don’t “look right.”

People with body dysmorphic disorder often feel unattractive, and they always feel less beautiful when compared to other persons. This causes anxiety and low self-esteem, causing them to do things to remedy their so-called defect. That is why they resort to anorexia or bulimia, which just makes matters worse. Treatment should be sought immediately.